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Welcome to the Open Source Development Portal for Hunt Utilities Group LLC.

This wiki is in place for you, the general public, to take an active role in helping HUG save the earth. Sound like fun? Create an account and join us! Our main project, right, now is the HUGnetLab data collector and the associated data viewer being used for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project(MFMP) at

Major project:

HUGnetLab - A laboratory grade instrumentation system for precision data collection and control for experimental apparati. We developed this system so we could produce many of them cheaply enough to allow for massively parallel LENR experiments.

Goal of project: Release a WebAPI for access to the data and see what we can inspire for more usable user interfaces for the MFMP data being collected.

Where to find documents:

  • in the wiki under HUGnetLab
  • We will need help to keep this documentation of the software up to date, also
  • New HUGnetLib Web services API specifications (Current client not using the new interface. It will soon. )

Some Goals for the code

  • Fit into Joomla
  • Make UI much nicer - make graphs scalable, zoomable, mutli-axis
  • Make specific interface for this experiment with powers on one graph, temps on another, etc
  • Add functionality for adding and viewing Annotations during the experiment
  • Add web cam support
  • Add place for info about experiment design and team
  • and many more suggestions being shared in the QuantumHeat progress blog

Where to find code

All of our code is on GitHub.

How to post changes

  • Email a patch to
  • Can't promise to accept every change, of course

How to Report Bugs

Other Software

  • HUGnet - HUGnet is the network of sensors that we use to measure lots of things about our buildings. We created the network to be able to attach just about any sensor we want to it. This allows us a lot of flexibility in what we measure. This is the predecessor of HUGnetLab.
  • Timeclock - Joomla component to track employee time, projects, workers comp codes, and more
  • MantisAuth - MediaWiki plugin that allows us to authenticate between Mantis and MediaWiki

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Other Things of Interest

What organizations are on campus?

Hunt Utilities Group (HUG)
(Research, Development, Business incubation)
Happy Dancing Turtle (HDT)
(Education, Community outreach, non-profit)
Rural Renewable Energy ALliance (RREAL)
(Solar panel installations, non-profit)

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