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This plugin uses the Mantis database to authenticate people into MediaWiki. It will automatically log users into both MediaWiki and Mantis if the user logs into either one. It will also logout similarly. The user can also create a new account from either and the rest is taken care of.


This software is ALPHA. Please do not install it on production sites.

This has ONLY been tested on a fresh install of both MediaWiki and Mantis. It should work fine if you have one already established and freshly install the other one. MantisAuth coordinates the database by username. This means that if you have both MediaWiki and Mantis installed with users and try to use this extension there can be no overlap in the usernames. If a user is registered on both they will need to have the same username on both. There could be security issues otherwise.



  • MediaWiki 1.11.0 or greater
  • Mantis 1.1.0rc1 or greater


  1. Download the zip archive containing the latest version
  2. Unpack the zip archive
  3. Copy MantisAuth.php into the MediaWiki extensions directory
  4. Set the following in LocalSettings.php:
$wgMantisPath = "/absolute/path/to/mantis";
$wgAuth = new MantisAuthPlugin();

The next time you reload a MediaWiki page it should authenticate on the Mantis database.

Configuration Options

The absolute path of the mantis installation. This must be set
Boolean - Return TRUE if only Mantis Auth should be used. Defaults to FALSE
Boolean - Return TRUE if users in the MediaWiki db should be automatically created. Defaults to TRUE

Getting the Code

Development Notes

  1. The logout feature is in the extension hook. I don't like this, but there doesn't seem to be a way around it.